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"Community is important. We cannot ride this ride alone. We respect local Artisans and Practitioners and we love the local flavor and vibe they bring to our events and retreats. We support small business and minority owned businesses. We  know that it isn't easy to get started and we want to help lift you up and take you to that next level, as you do the same for us.  We believe that there is more than enough to go around." 

~ Retreats and More

Community Cross Promotion


All our booths and event spaces are affordable to the vendor.  What we really want is for everyone to be successful in their spaces.  For this reason we focus on building long term relationships with our vendors. Your success means our success.

The Right Traffic

We only accept vendors that make sense to the space and event.  If we are having an event where we don't believe our traffic will serve your purpose, we don't pretend it will.  We simply notify you of one in the future that will make sense to your product or service.


It takes an army to get the traffic and visibility needed to serve an event.  That is why our main goal is to cross promote.  You mention us, we mention you.  In this way we all save valuable marketing dollars, and we attract the right crowd to suit everyone!


Our spaces are a flat fee 25.00 per day to help cover wifi, electricity, and permits.  This price allows you to set up your own 10x10 area with or without a tent or table.  Tent space is limited, and will be at a first come first serve basis.  We can provide Wi-Fi access, although we do not guarantee it's speed or uptime, you will be using our own when available.  We are happy to rent you a tent or table upon request, or you can bring your own.  We ask that all vendors have proper business licensing, permits, and insurance if and when required when participating in any of our events.

Join Our Volunteer Program

At times we are in need of volunteers. Many of our hosts start or participate in local volunteer projects s well.  Join us!  If you are interested, simply fill out the form below, and we will try and match you with a volunteer gig!


If we all do just a little, together we can accomplish a lot!


Thanks for submitting!

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