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Embrace the Elements in Sedona, Arizona!

Retreat Highlights

Yoga Daily

Day 1: Fire - Mental

  • Fire - The element of mental clarification and purification - to bring focus, passion, and intention.  Fire brings out a primal state of being and frees the mind. A perfect way to start our journey!

    • Opening Ceremony

    • Fire Drum Ceremony​

Day 2: Earth - Physical

  • Earth - the Physical Element of stability for grounding and dependability.

    • Belly Dancing

    • Sound Bath

    • Fire dancing

Day 3: Water - Emotion

  • A cleansing, healing flowing energy prompting emotional and spiritual renewal, release, and forgiveness.

    • Vortex Hiking

    • Creek Play / Water Ceremony​

Day 4: Air - Spiritual

  • Air - The Element of Breath – find truth and insight within

    • Chakra Alignment

    • Sacred Japanese Tea Ceremony


Optional Retreat Add Ons

  • Astrology Chart Interpretation

  • Private Intuitive Reading

  • Private Yoga

  • Massages

  • Bio Treatments

*Must confirm your massage appointment time at least 14 days prior to arrival.

** We encourage healing through the use of herbs of all kinds in the form of tinctures, teas and edibles.  We do not encourage smoking and smoking of any kind is not allowed on property except in designated areas.

Reserve your Space


Align, Reawaken, Un-domesticate

 Relax, unwind, and heal along the vortex hiking trails, breathtaking views of the famous Red Rocks of Sedona. Align your Spirit Bodies at  this in-depth experience hosted in the mystical Sedona, AZ. This retreat is a 4 day long experience embracing the 4 Spirit Bodies through fire, water, earth, and air energies. Embrace the elements and cultivate your life intentions. 

We can't wait to see you there!

Why Attend a Retreat with us?

  • All skill levels are welcome

  • Reawaken the part of you that sings and shines

  • Explore the healing power of sound, movement, breath, nature, and companionship

  • Embrace & nurture your inner light

  • Release self-judgment and limiting beliefs

  • Move united with like-minded/like-hearted women

  • Experience yoga and meditation and healing on a deeper level

  • Emerge feeling rejuvenated, connected, and joyful ​

  • Affordable - we want all women to be able to enjoy our retreats. 

We encourage groups of friends to travel together

to make the experience even more enjoyable.

What's Included?

  • 4 day, 3 nights accommodations retreat in Sedona, AZ.

  • All meals 

    • Continental Style Breakfast

    • Catered - Lunch and Dinner - Vegan Conscious Meals

  • All transportation while on retreat

  • Yoga with a professional instructor

  • Sound Healing by certified instructor

  • Hiking with certified land guide

  • Transformation treatments in a safe space

  • Mini Birth Chart w/ Synastry (Romance/friendship Optional)

  • Tea Leaf readings & Candle intention setting

  • Retreat Swag Upon Arrival


Indulge in Nature with Crystal Prophecy

Yoga and Nature | Women's Wellness |
Sedona, Arizona

Upcoming Retreats

December 29 - Jan 1 - New Years 2023!

February 2 - 5, 2023

Kiara Kyan | Crystal Prophecy

Book Today - Limited Space Available

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