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The Great Outdoors in Montana!

Retreat Itinerary

Day 1: Pleasantries and Salutations

  • Check-in, introductions, dinner, and sound healing

Day 2: Into the Thick of it

  • Meditation, hiking, vortexes, psychic readings*, connecting, and rewilding

Day 3: Natural Healing

  • Today we unwind, relax, get massages, hot tubs, workshops, and smores

Day 4: Gratitude is an Attitude

  • We give thanks and set intentions


Optional Retreat Add Ons

  • Join us on day 2 for a group psychic reading - additional fee of 50.00 per person

  • Book a Private Yoga Session during your stay - 1 hour - additional fee of 100.00 per person

  • Enjoy a relaxing massage - 45 minutes - additional fee of 100.00 per person

*Must confirm all add on purchases at least 10 days before departure

** We encourage healing through the use of herbs of all kinds in the form of tinctures, teas and edibles.  We do not encourage smoking and smoking of any kind is not allowed on property except in designated areas.


What Does it Mean to Rewild?

  Rewilding means to return to a more wild or natural state; it is the process of undoing domestication.  Rewilding is an approach to living a more holistic life. We’ll bask in the moonlight, soak up the sun, and pamper ourselves until the day is done!  

As women, we are stretched to our fullest capacity often taking care of so many others that we sometimes forget to care for ourselves. We forget that we are connected and a part of nature. We forget that we are wild women, full of soul.

We can't wait to see you there!

Why Attend a Retreat with us?

  • All skill levels are welcome

  • Reawaken the part of you that sings and shines

  • Explore the healing power of sound, movement, breath, nature, and companionship

  • Embrace & nurture your inner light

  • Release self-judgment and limiting beliefs

  • Move united with like-minded/like-hearted women

  • Experience yoga and meditation and healing on a deeper level

  • Emerge feeling rejuvenated, connected, and joyful ​

  • Affordable - we want all women to be able to enjoy our retreats. 

We encourage groups of friends to travel together to make

the experience even more enjoyable.

Accommodation Highlights

  • The resorts we stay at always have an intimate setting and private amenities making them the perfect spot for a relaxing oasis.

  • Heated Pool and Hot Tub

  • Firepit and grills

  • Private Trailheads

  • Full kitchens and spacious accommodations

  • Beautiful views, yet close to town

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Un-domesticate Yourself in Magical Sedona

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Upcoming Retreat

Book Today - Limited Space Available

Reserve your Space

This retreat will be an all-inclusive experience with a limited number of participants. Reserve your space soon to guarantee your spot!

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